On Repeat Podcast Episode 4: Lindy Vopnfjord

The latest episode of my podcast “On Repeat” is now up (listen below).

This month features several goosebumps-inducing songs, including by JP Hoe, who was my favorite artist from the Folk Alliance Conference, as well as songs by Rob Szabo, Major Maker, and Lindy.

For the feature interview, I had the chance to chat with singer-songwriter Lindy Vopnfjord. In this incredibly fun conversation, we discussed Lindy’s Icelandic roots, Icelandic delicacies like rotten shark and blackened sheep face, Lindy’s height, and of course, his amazing music career which includes 8 albums, touring as a child in his parents’ band, and a few major label record deals along the way. Great episode, I really enjoyed putting this one together:

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