Market Planning for Singer-Songwriters

by Peter Spellman and Dave Cool

Published by MBS Business Media

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Map a success path for your new CD!

Your Successful CD Release is an empowering quick-action marketing guide specifically for singer-songwriters that provides the essential tools, resources and information needed to immediately map out a successful marketing and promotional campaign for a CD release.

Accessible, conversational tone—How to get sponsored. Heads-up on potential pitfalls and how to avoid them. How to keep everything within a budget. Money-saving offers just for buying this book. Why doing all this is important in the first place. And how to have fun with the whole process. Why are you still reading this? Go buy Your Successful CD Release right now.
—Jennifer Layton, Assistant Editor,

Using an easy to follow, step-by-step structure, Your Successful CD Release coaches you through the process of putting together a marketing and promotional plan, and features a comprehensive look at the broad range of possible revenue streams & opportunities available to singer-songwriters. The guide includes many empowering resources to help you with each aspect of your marketing plan, along with several sample templates to track the progress of your promotional campaign, a straightforward spreadsheet template for your marketing budget, and a rich list of follow-up resources that can be used to take immediate positive action in your career.

As an added bonus, Your Successful CD Release also includes advice and insight from 4 full-time independent singer-songwriters so you can get a sense of what their experiences have been and what it takes to be a full-time indie musician.

Reaches beyond the genre of singer/songwriters and can be successfully applied to any Indie musician wishing to promote their CD. Whether it jumpstarts a new career, kick-starts a lagging career, or is used as a valuable checklist of what you should do to ensure a successful release long after the party, the guide looks to be a dependable resource for Indie Musicians at many levels.
—Annette Conlon,

Co-written by Peter Spellman and Dave Cool (and yes, that’s his real name!), the guide is based on 3 of Peter’s classic books: “The Self-Promoting Musician”, “INDIE Power” and “INDIE Marketing Power”. Along with the powerful information taken from those books, Dave Cool also added his own insights and experience to create a uniquely powerful tool for singer-songwriters that is ideal for those who might feel like they don’t have the time to read several full-size books on marketing and promotion, and want to take immediate action to promote their CD.

I was really excited because I thought a guide that helped step by step with creating a successful CD release campaign was the best idea ever until I read it and realized that there was even more to your book than that. You didn't just talk about how to release your album successfully, but also about how to live.
—Tara Rice, 5th PROJEKT

You’ve put so much time into recording and packaging your CD. Don’t short-circuit its success by neglecting its marketing. Get Your Successful CD Release today and put smart promotional steps behind your recording!

PDF- eBook - Instant Download