Well, would you look at that: Sonicbids Acquires ArtistData

Back in February I wrote a lengthy blog post about Sonicbids. In that post I suggested some changes that could be made to improve Sonicbids, one of which was:


  • Make Sonicbids THE place where artists update all of their sites: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Right now ReverbNation and ArtistData are battling it out for supremacy in this field, but Sonicbids has the membership base and resources to win outright, and they could add incredible value for their members in the process.

Well, instead of trying to beat out ReverbNation and ArtistData in this field, Sonicbids simply acquired ArtistData. This is a smart move on several fronts. For one, they now have the ArtistData technology which will add tremendous value to their membership. But by bringing on ArtistData founder Brenden Mulligan as VP Strategic Development, they also get someone who can take the Sonicbids site and technology to the next level, something they haven't quite been able to do in recent years.

I get the feeling the Sonicbids site is about to get leaner and meaner in the near future...



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