Positive Side of Grant Applications: Planning Your Work

So yesterday's post was a little bit on the negative side, wasn't feeling too good about the grant application I was working on. But, as with many things in life, once you work through the difficult moments and get to the other side, you gain some perspective. One real positive to the grant writing process is that it forces you to really think the project through from start to finish, helping to weed out any weaknesses in the project and address them before submitting the application. The project is no doubt clearer and much better planned out than it was before starting the application process, which is valuable in its own right, whether you receive the grant money or not.

I know this is definitely true in my case, and my film is now clearer in my mind than it was a week ago, which is a huge plus. And I also have a much better sense of the costs involved, so it is no longer a mystery (apparently making movies costs money?). So in a few days I will submit the application, cross my fingers and pray to the grant gods to look kindly upon it, and hope for the best.

In the meantime, I will develop Plan B (and C), in case things don't work out with the applications...



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