On Repeat Podcast Episode 6: Rob Szabo

The latest episode of my podcast “On Repeat” is now up=> http://bit.ly/124lE6V

This month’s episode has music by Matt Stern, Lindy Vopnfjord, Scott Cooper, and Rob Szabo.

For the feature interview, I spoke to one of the nicest people in the music business, singer-songwriter and award-winning producer, Rob Szabo. Rob talks about his experience making a living as a diy musician, as well as his transition to being a producer for other artists. The candid conversation offers incredible insight into the relationship between artist and producer, and what it takes to make a great record. Great music, great talk, hope you enjoy it:


  • Rob Szabo – That Cold Hard Sell
  • Matt Stern – New Beginning
  • Lindy Vopnfjord – Dark Matter
  • Scott Cooper – Stationary Satellite
  • Rob Szabo – I Live For The Summer

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