Musician Website Quick Fix #10: Embed Video

This post was written for Bandzoogle, a website platform for musicians. Bandzoogle is a Montreal-based company, founded and run by musicians, and has every tool a musician needs for their website. Visit to take the tour or get started right away and build your website free. We often talk about “hub and spokes” here at Bandzoogle, which is the concept of making your artist website your “hub” of online activity, and using your social media “spokes” to draw people back to your hub. The idea is to bring people into an environment online that you own and control (i.e. no ads/distractions), where you can sell merch directly, get fans signed up to your mailing list, and turn them into super-fans with engaging content on your website. It’s no secret that video is one of the most popular content formats online. So a great way to keep fans engaging with the content on your website is by embedding video on your site. Sound obvious? You wouldn’t believe how many artist websites we come across where the “Videos” section is simply a link to their YouTube channel. What this does is send fans away to a different website where there are countless ads and hundreds of other links to click. In other words, they’ll be watching Ninja Kittehs in no time, and you’ve lost them from your website. In today’s music industry, a fan’s attention is the most precious and scarce commodity. Don’t waste it! Embedding video on your website also allows you to curate the content. As much as it’s great that your fans record videos of your live shows with their cellphone cameras and upload them to YouTube, you can use your website as a filter to display only your best quality videos.

Where to place Video on your website

Video is important enough to have its own section on your website. Create a Video section, then make a video gallery with your best videos. If you have too many menu options already and want to cut down on navigation buttons, you can create “Media” section which then has galleries for both Photos and Videos. But if you have the room on your navigation menu (if you have a total of roughly 8 main menu options or less), give “Video” its own section. Other sections of your website where you could embed video: Homepage: You can display your best or most recent video right on your Homepage for new visitors to your site to see right away. Keep this to 1 or 2 videos maximum for your Homepage, you don’t want to clutter it up with too much content (for tips on creating an effective Homepage, check out “6 Essential Elements for Your Band’s Website Homepage”) Shows: You can display 1 or 2 of your best live videos in your “Shows” section along with your listing of upcoming gigs. Blog: Of course, you can and should use videos in your blog posts whenever you can. Press: If you have a digital press kit on your website, be sure to include 1 or 2 videos that media/bloggers can embed with any reviews/previews that they write about you and your music.

Looking for video ideas? Here are 10 different types of videos you can use on your website:

1. Official Music Videos 2. Live Videos 3. Trailers/Teasers for a live show, tour, new album, etc. 4. Cover song videos 5. Video messages for fans 6. Interviews in media 7. Videos from tour 8. Videos from backstage at shows 9. Video from rehearsals 10. Video from studio sessions
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