From St-Ambroise to Ambrosia: I’ve Joined Forces with Montreal Record Label Ambrosia Records

After serving 3 years as Program Director for the Centre St-Ambroise, I’ve joined forces with local record label Ambrosia Records. I’ve taken on a part-time role with Ambrosia as a strategic advisor, overseeing communications and artist development for the company.

Just as it was a challenge to create a vibrant cultural centre for St-Ambroise in the South-West of Montreal, the challenge with Ambrosia will be to create a sustainable business model for a record label in today’s music industry. Of course, the other challenge will be to spell Ambrosia properly. I keep putting an “i” before the “s”; it’s going to take some getting used to.

So expect more announcements about Ambrosia Records in the weeks and months ahead as the label prepares to release albums by Vancouver soul-pop songstress Annie Becker and label owner George Azzi; a talented singer-songwriter in is own right with over 500,000 views of his YouTube videos. The company will also be looking to expand their roster of artists and launch other projects to position themselves on the Canadian music scene. It’s going to be exciting! More news soon...



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