, Newsweek Magazine, Screenings Around the World. Can I possibly top all of that?

I'm never one to toot my own horn. I am much more comfortable poking fun at myself and my work. Try watching "What is INDIE?" with me and I'll point out every mistake, every moment I thought could have been done better, and how many times I get tired of hearing my own voice (especially that last one). But after putting together my Press Kit for a grant application, which I think is the first time I've ever gone through that exercise, I have to admit, even I was impressed. I often forget some of what was accomplished with "What is INDIE?", like an interview on (I got that phone call while about to go out and do my laundry, I didn't have a washer/dryer in my tiny apartment in Montreal), an interview for Newsweek Magazine International, and screenings around the world at conferences and festivals.

Impressive? Yes. Does it really mean anything? I've gained enough experience to know that those kinds of things are few and far between, if they ever happen at all. And if they do, enjoy the moment, but don't get wrapped up in it. Right after I got off the phone with the journalist from CNN, I think I called my Dad to tell him the good news, but after that I went straight to the laundromat to clean my cloths, and went to the post office to mail a bunch of packages that were piling up on my desk. In other words, right back to the day-to-day real life things that we all have to do.

One question I asked myself after seeing my press kit in front of me was: Can I possibly hope to top all of that with another film? Shouldn't I just quit while I'm ahead and re-live the stories for years to come? Tempting, but I realized it's an unfair question to ask. Making another film isn't about "topping" the last one, it's about a new challenge, a new adventure, and creating a new story to tell. Maybe it won't be the same, maybe it won't be told through mainstream media outlets or at as many festivals and conferences, but it will no doubt be a fun ride nonetheless.

But don't get me wrong, if CNN calls again this time around, I'll be there to answer the call. After all, I can multi-task now that I have a washing machine in my apartment :)



P.S.- Here's my full Press Kit if you're curious: Dave Cool Press Kit

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