[Free eBook] 23 Ways Musicians Can Make Money

This post originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog

Two years ago I wrote a blog post called 18 Ways Musicians Can Make Money. But a lot can change in two years, especially in the music industry.

There are now even more opportunities for musicians and bands to make money. New tools and services are also available to help you take advantage of these new revenue streams.

So I decided to update that blog post with new revenue streams, more tips, more tools and resources, and release it as a free eBook: 23 Ways Musicians Can Make Money

Here’s what you’ll find in the eBook:  

  • 23 ideas for generating revenue for your career 

  • Resources and expert tips for each revenue stream 

  • Musician tools and services to help you make more money

  • Details on a new form of currency for musicians

  • Eye-opening statistics on the most important marketing tool for musicians

The eBook is free to download, no strings attached. We hope that it helps spark some ideas for generating more money for your career!

Download the eBook 23 Ways Musicians Can Make Money

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