Updated post on revenue streams for musicians

In 2014 I wrote a post for the Bandzoogle blog called "18 ways musicians can make money". It didn't take me very long to write, and I didn't expect much from it. The goal was more to be able to send that link to musicians whenever I was asked how they can make money from their music. It ended up being one of most popular posts ever on the Bandzoogle blog, and has been read by hundreds of thousands of musicians. 

Obviously lots has changed in the music industry since 2014. I updated that post with a free eBook in 2016, and I've just spent the last few months researching and reading through reports, blog posts, and data looking into revenue streams for musicians in 2019.  

The result is a comprehensive updated post with new revenue streams for musicians, and dozens of new resources to help artists monetize their music. You can read the updated post here: 26 ways musicians can make money

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