15 Best Part-Time Jobs for Musicians

This post originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog

by Lisa Occhino

You were probably well aware when you decided to pursue music as a career that money wasn’t exactly going to start pouring in on day one. It’s no secret that until you’re able to earn a full-time living as a musician, you’ll need to supplement your income in some way. 

The key is finding jobs that provide some financial stability, but also flexibility so you can still play gigs, rehearse, write, and go out on tour. 

While having a…

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Marketing Your Band: 13 Essential Strategies

This post originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog

by Lisa Occhino

Once you’ve decided that you’re getting pretty serious about this whole music career thing, you know that you have to start putting in the effort to come up with effective band marketing ideas. 

But if you haven’t gotten much farther than “make a Facebook fan page and post a bunch of stuff,” don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with 13 essential marketing strategies to add to your list! 

1. Know your brand 

Before you can market your…

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How to Advertise Your Music on Instagram

This post originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog.  

by Lisa Occhino

Instagram is one of the best ways to build your brand and showcase your personality as a musician. But now that the social media platform boasts 700 million monthly active users, advertising your music on Instagram has become more competitive, so you need to be savvier than ever before to reach new fans. 

Let’s take a look at some best practices for Instagram advertising and how to get your ads up and running. 

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How to Advertise Your Music Using Google AdWords

This post originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog

by Lisa Occhino

You’ve probably tried boosting your posts on Facebook, and maybe you’ve even run a few ads on Instagram. But have you ever considered how powerful Google’s search network can be for advertising your music? 

Optimizing your online presence for Google is super important, and there’s a lot you can do to increase organic search traffic to your band website. But in this article, we’re going to explore how to advertise your music using…

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Bzblog 21 dos donts band site design img01

21 Dos and Don’ts of band website design

From the Bandzoogle Blog

The band is getting along. Songs are great. Gigs calendar is filling up. Now you just need to get people to notice you and you’ll be good to go. But where do you start? 

If you focus your efforts on Facebook or Twitter, your music is likely to get lost in a sea of political rants and fur baby videos. The best way to keep fans focused on you is through your own custom website. 

A website puts the focus on you and your music. It’s easy to build a website, but how do you know if…

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